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Your customers have questions?
Robiq knows the answers

AI offers short but smart conversation to automatize your business and improve customer service

Voice assistant- An AI Your Customers Want to Talk To

Robiq is a local guy – he knows how to listen and is capable of understanding any language that the customer may speak in. You customers want to talk in a natural language and the AI’s understanding allows your customers to speak however they like, without expecting them to guess keywords.


Robiq can quickly learn new languages, therefore all your customers will be equally and efficiently serviced.

Simple Pricing

No fixed charges. Only pay for the minutes you use.

Speed to market

Robiq is pre-trained on a large base of natural conversations, so no additional training data is required.

IDP - Intelligent document processing - Illuminate Opportunities Hidden Within Unstructured Data

Your business has a lot of text and audio data and you have no idea how to use the components more efficiently? Or perhaps you don’t have time or special skills to maintain the knowledge base? See how your unstructured emails, documents, chats, audio recordings and calls turn gold with Robiq IDP. Robiq knows any type of data, and the AI automatically collects, stores, researches, and provides information from knowledge bases in a Q and A format for a given subject area.

Various Data

Robiq initiates speech analytics automatically after transcribing audio recordings and calls. All you need to do is to set up a project. Robiq analyzes, tags, and routes emails and documents including PDF and scans.


Robiq helps protect your business from prohibited and restricted content and spam.

Easy to Go

Robiq IDP is a No-code platform. The user interface for filling and publishing knowledge bases is simple and convenient. So no extra Сoder is required.

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Meet Robiq AI Team

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Olegs Petrišins


Jeļena Samoilova

Marketing Specialist

We know how important it is to solve the customer’s problem as quickly as possible and make communication convenient and natural

Robiq AI maintains a natural conversation with customers across a broad range of devices and channels: voice, email, social media, and messaging.


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